Thursday, December 5, 2019

Discourse Analysis for FIFA World Cup-

Question: Write about theDiscourse Analysis for FIFA World Cup. Answer: In the excerpt, the writer majorly looks at how sports have helped in bridging the informal barriers of international trade especially as it pertains importation and exportation. These barriers include lack of information, absence of trust between venders and purchasers and the varied cultural difference between buyers and sellers from different countries. From the excerpt, one realizes that soccer, one of the sporting activity, has proven more than once to bridge these barriers. Citing the 2010 FIFA World cup, the writer states that the said event increased the GDP of the host country. This can be explained by the high number of tourists that visited the country during the event and hence accommodated at a cost. At the same time, sports have a positive impact on tourism activities to the host country. Since academic writing is formal writing, there are various features that are of use when writing these scholarly articles, (Celce-Murcia Marianne, 143-158). The major features that can be easily be identified in the excerpt are relevance, grammatical complexity and vocabulary choice. In addition to the mentioned basic features, the writer should ensure that the excerpt has a smooth flow of ideas that captivates the reader as demonstrated in the given excerpt. For one to successfully write an academic work, he or she must follow the above mentioned basic features of academic writing, (Celce-Murcia 143-158). The first feature of academic writing used in the excerpt is grammatical complexity. In this case, grammatical complexity refers to the grammatical structure of sentences in an excerpt (Hyland, Ken, and Polly. 156-177). According to Hyland et al. (156-177) academic writing uses sentences that are highly loaded with information as opposed to simple sentences. By doing this, the writer can express several ideas in one sentence. In one of the instances, the writer states that Sterken (2006) investigated the effect of organizing major sporting proceedings on development and established that organizing Summer Olympic Games rouse per capita GDP, which FIFA World Cup did not. In this sentence, the writer was able to state the person who conducted the study, the topic of study, and the findings in one statement. Secondly, the other feature that is outstanding in this excerpt is relevance. Throughout the text, one can notice that the writer has only provided information that is relevant to the topic in question. As opposed to informal writing, academic writing demands that one must stick to the topic, avoid void allegations and be straight to the point (Lea, Mary R., and Brian V. Street. 157-172). In doing this, one should cite as much as possible, the source of information in the article (Lea et al. 157-172). Lastly, the other outstanding feature in this excerpt is the choice of vocabulary. In academic writing, one must ensure that the vocabularies used to denote just what the writer wants to communicate (StreetBrian 24.1). This has greatly helped the writer to successfully attain the objectives of the article in communicating the outcome of the research. Works Cited Celce-Murcia, Marianne. "On the use of selected grammatical features in academic writing." Developing advanced literacy in first and second languages: Meaning with power (2002): 143-158. Hyland, Ken, and Polly Tse. "Metadiscourse in academic writing: A reappraisal." Applied linguistics 25.2 (2004): 156-177. Lea, Mary R., and Brian V. Street. "Student writing in higher education: An academic literacies approach." Studies in higher education 23.2 (1998): 157-172. Street, Brian. "" Hidden" Features of Academic Paper Writing." Working Papers in Educational Linguistics (WPEL) 24.1 (2009): 1.

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