Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Freemium bsiness model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Freemium bsiness model - Essay Example A number of companies that have applied the use of freemium business model in their operations have experienced high profits. It is axiomatic to argue that when a free service is launched in the market, it will be easy to get many customers. The marginal cost which is incurred is usually very low when this model is used, besides, one user can invite other users who might be interested. In marketing, it is very important to apply network effects, because the moment one person appreciates a product, it will be very easy to attract others. For example, a phone can only be useful when you can use it to call another person. Companies therefore introduce free basic products to attract many users to it (Schlie, 2011). Web Notes is one of the companies that applied the freemium business model. It is a start up that has created technology to make researchers and professionals work much easier. This company has ridden the freemium to a financial success with almost double in their revenue from the little initial investment of $35,000. They advanced a PDF annotation capabilities that has got an amount tagged to it. They offer two paid options to users’ i.e. pro subscription and multi-colour annotation that entails coaching and sharing notes through RSS feeds. The premium version, which is charged at $300 annually, supports administration and monitoring, and Web Notes is swimming in the oceans of success because of its freemium business model (Wrox, 2011). Despite the successes of Web Notes, this model brought with it some challenges, one of which is getting lots of users, who must be returning users, because they must stick around to love the product. The model also takes a long time to be profitable because users can take longer to appreciate it and convert value of the product. For Web Notes, it took almost two years to start realizing profit when they introduced paid

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