Monday, November 18, 2019

Review the literature related to the effect of surgical repair in Essay

Review the literature related to the effect of surgical repair in wound healing.Discuss the influence it may have on healing - Essay Example Reports are vague on how the prehistoric man treated wounds, but in the primitive tribes, wounds are covered with plant parts and other materials believed to have healing properties. Wounds were also filled with spider web in time past. Various crude methods of wound draining and wound closing are also reported among some tribes. An ingenious wound clamp was devised out of the jaws of insects by primitive tribes of India and South America who made the insects bite across the apposed edges of a wound.(Haeger, 1988) . Wound management has two main approaches: the surgical and non-surgical categories of intervention. In the non-surgical approach, classical methods such as administration of topical or systemic therapeutic agents, locally applied enzymes, and dressings designed to optimize the wound for later surgery, or to heal the wound by secondary intention (Knox et al., 2007). The surgical approach involves the implementation of preparatory surgical procedures which help to prepare the wound for accelerated recovery and augment the body healing process. Both of these approaches are different, yet aim at the same goal. This review is concerned with the surgical aspects and how they provide a facilitating environment for timely wound healing. For effective wound healing in modern day surgery, the aims are to ensure quick regeneration of damaged tissue, reduce infection, and maximize immune response, and central to achieving these aims are blood perfusion, oxygen supply, prevention of re-injury and good diet(Hunt and Hopf, June 1997a). Reduction of infection and quick tissue regeneration are directly related to wound blood perfusion and oxygenation. Perfusion therefore appears to be the most important factor in wound healing. Wounds in well perfused areas of the body tend to heal faster, even when they are massively infected. They also form less scar. The same goes for wounds that occur in areas of

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