Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Beginning of a New Chapter Essay Example

The Beginning of a New Chapter Essay Example The Beginning of a New Chapter Essay The Beginning of a New Chapter Essay The beginning of a new chapter Life is a journey. Many unexpected events occur that brings us to the place we are at now. This event also makes us the person we are today. Some of these experiences are difficult, which builds our character. Some experiences help create our personality and the values we share in our lives. Having personal goals are very important to me. I strive daily by motivation and the passion I have to learn to be successful in everything I do. This will allow me to overcome the obstacles I might face that can lead me to the path of failure. Deciding to go back to school was not an easy decision. I have wanted to expand on my education for as long as I can imagine. Knowing that school is expensive and being a middle class citizen, I did not think that I could afford to go back to school. After talking to an Ashford, representative and he explained the financial aspect to college, I decided why not. I am not getting any younger. Having a better education will benefit me in the future. There are many reasons why I decided to return to school. Getting a better education and expanding my knowledge is the most important. I wanted to show my kids that it is never too late to learn and broaden the horizon to knowledge. Being a role model is one of the biggest goals I have set for myself. Knowing my kids understand that knowledge is the key to great success. Getting a better job is another reason I took the first step to bettering myself. I am tired of getting up early in the morning (2am) to go to a job that do not enjoy. My job is mentally and physically exhausting. When I arrive home, I am too tired to do anything else. I am working on a better time management, in order to accomplish everything. Furthering my education will lead to better job opportunities and widen the job choices. It is necessary to elaborate my knowledge for job satisfaction. Having a positive mind frame will help me overcome obstacles to be successful in completion of my degree program. Positive thinking leads to positive actions. Self-discipline is a good life lesson that will help me accomplish my educational goal. Managing my time to get assignments done will keep me on the path to success. Being confident in my work and doing my best will eliminate the road to failure. Returning to school has been a challenge and time consuming. Having my family as a support group has been beneficial to my educational goal. To achieve this goal, determination will lead me in the right direction to great success.

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